Cars swept away, torrential rains in Moselle: the frightening images

17 May 2024 / Interviews

The equivalent of a month of rain in just 24 hours. Roads cut, homes crossed on all sides, torrents of water... We can no longer distinguish the rivers in the north of the Moselle. Of the torrential rain for surreal images. The firefighters increased their interventions again this Friday.

Some images even show the roadway washed away by water. Residents testify to “ scenes never seen in their lives. Smashed cars, flooded houses, disillusioned residents.

The rivers are overflowing, the currents are so strong that they carry away everything in their path, even cars and lampposts. On the Alsatian side, it’s the same observation. Fear, dismay. Phenomena of a scale rarely seen. Sometimes 75 millimeters of rain observed in certain places.

In Boulay-Moselle, 66 millimeters of precipitation. A car slides backwards until it hits a road sign. Some report more than 20 hours of continuous rain.

The services of Météo France had alerted on Thursday of this situation of red vigilance in Moselle and Alsace linked to stationary rains.