TRIBUNE: 100 Reconquest executives and activists support Marion against Zemmour

14 June 2024 / Interviews

In an exclusive column revealed at around 15 p.m., around a hundred Reconquest executives and activists put their names on an open letter. 

Entitled “The urgency of uniting in the face of the danger of the far left”, it carries the coordinated voice of elected officials from the National Council, executives and activists from Generation Z and Reconquest. Everyone is calling for the patriot coalition: 

“So that France remains France, let's put the interest of our country before that of the parties!

On July 7, the national camp must obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly! »

They therefore officially side with their MEPs Marion Maréchal, Guillaume Peltier, Nicolas Bay and Laurence Trochu who were excluded from the party 48 hours earlier.  

“We believe that wherever the right-wing coalition has a chance of coming to power, we cannot place candidates from the national camp face to face, at the risk of losing essential votes in the country. 

Urgency and pragmatism force us to follow the path of unique and vital union for France. Marion Maréchal fought to the end to form this patriotic coalition from LR to the RN via Debout La France. 

We hereby ask today the executive office of Reconquest to consult the elected representatives of the National Council in order to rule on an alignment of circumstances behind the National Rally and The Republicans who are today in a position of strength to defend the common interest. »

Will the Zemmour-Knafo duo choose the path of wisdom for the benefit of those they describe as “traitors”? Activists still believe in it. 

Marie F.