The revelations of Jordan Deluxe in TPMP: love, salaries and imminent departure of Gilles Verdez?

March 24, 2023 / Interviews

On Tuesday March 14, Jordan Deluxe was invited to the set of Touche Pas à Mon Poste, where he conveyed Gilles Verdez's wishes to leave the show. TPMP by Cyril Hanouna who regularly invites celebrities to talk. Jordan Deluxe's ​​mission was to ask rather personal questions to Cyril Hanouna's group of columnists.

Gilles Verdez on imminent departure?

Jordan Deluxe wanted to know more about the private life of Cyril Hanouna, who readily made it known that he was not in a relationship and that he was still single.

Guillaume Genton, for his part, admitted to being very happy in love:

" Yes I am seeing someone. She is a very nice person that I met on social networks. »

During Jordan Deluxe's ​​visit, viewers were also able to discover the salary of Géraldine Maillet, who reportedly earns less than Matthieu Delormeau, Benjamin Castaldi and Bernard Montiel.

When the turn of Gilles Verdez arrived, he was invited to talk about his future in Do not touch My TV, where he has been present since 2013. It seems that the former editor-in-chief of Le Parisien believes he has served his time in the C8 program.

Gilles Verdez was asked about the date of his possible departure from the show, his response was enigmatic.

He has answered :

“That's a good question and it's possible so, but I won't say more. »

A statement which stirred up the stage somewhat and which Cyril Hanouna wanted to cover with a touch of humor:

Cyril Hanouna said:

“He will leave when he marries Fatou, so we still have 10 years ahead of us. »

Touche Pas à Mon Poste had many surprises in store for viewers during the invitation from Jordan Deluxe. Like Guillaume Genton, who revealed that he was in a relationship, Cyril Hanouna who claimed to be single, while Géraldine Maillet revealed her salary on the air.

Although his departure was mentioned, the columnist remained enigmatic on this subject. Religious marriage to Fatou was also mentioned, but Gilles is still waiting to marry civilly since his request in 2018.

Gilles Verdez's marriage proposal turned into a nightmare

Photo of Gilles Verdez's marriage proposal to Fatou.
Photo of Gilles Verdez's marriage proposal to Fatou.

In February 2018, he proposed to his partner Fatou on the set of La Grande Régalade de Saint Babalentin on C8. The scene was widely commented on on social networks, with some Internet users praising the romanticism of the live marriage proposal, while others criticized the voyeuristic side of the event.

Gilles declared to Fatou:

“Fatou, my darling, I love you as we love the one we searched for forever and ended up finding. I love you because I want to live a thousand lives with you. I love you because I want to know with you all the real and imaginary worlds. I love you with an unalterable love, Fatou I love you madly”

Although Fatou answered "yes", the period that followed was very difficult for the couple. Gilles Verdez was the target of numerous criticisms and suffered an onslaught of comments, which was very trying for him. The columnist thanked Cyril Hanouna for his support, because it was important for the balance of the couple. Gilles Verdez was touched that some people attacked the woman he loves.

He told Cyril Hanouna on the TPMP show:

No, I thought that the support you provided in this case had been really necessary for Fatou and me in our balance as a couple. You don't know how important it was."

Despite the criticism and derogatory comments, the couple seems to be more united than ever and display their love on social networks.