[TPMP] Cyril Hanouna against Sophia Aram: he demolishes her after her shocking column

March 16, 2023 / Interviews

Cyril Hanouna reacted strongly to Sophia Aram's column on France Inter, by putting the comedian on his set for the show "TPMP" on C8. He joked about her career by saying that she was “only known because she wrote reviews” on his show. He also recalled the legal past of Sophia Aram's mother, sentenced in 2011 to two years in prison, including six months for fraud. The presenter concluded by telling the comedian to “take care of his family” rather than attacking him.

Cyril Hanouna vs Sophie Aram: The explosive battle that rages and promises to last!

Cyril Hanouna against Sophia Aram, The tension between the two hosts is not new. Indeed, for several years, Cyril Hanouna and Sophia aram have been involved in several media feuds. However, Sophia aram had recently criticized Cyril Hanouna for having invited Gerard Faure on his set during the show on Thursday March 9.

In this show, he was accused of Pierre Palmade, as well as Emmanuel Macron and other public figures to use adrenochrome, a drug allegedly made from children's blood, according to a popular theory. This theory is very controversial and there is no hard scientific evidence to support it. However, some suggest that this drug has psychedelic and anti-aging properties. C8 quickly clarified that the declarations of Gerard Faure were his own, but that didn't stop speculation and rumors from spreading on social media.

She laughed heartily at the channel's excuses and declared that

“when we expect a decerebrate to regulate another decerebrate, it’s a bit like cleaning up vomit with vomit: it works average.”

It is important to emphasize that Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to use personal attacks towards Sophia aram. Indeed, he recalled the legal past of the comedian's mother, sentenced in 2011 to two years in prison, including six months for fraud. This situation further fuels tensions between the two hosts.

He stated :

“She is accused of having deceived people in an irregular situation by promising them residence permits while she was deputy mayor of Trappes. That’s not pretty…”

Gérard Fauré turned Cyril Hanouna’s TPMP upside down

Gérard Fauré is a controversial personality in France, known for her past criminal activities. He was a former drug trafficker and had multiple convictions for drug trafficking, money laundering and other offenses. His criminal past made him a notorious figure in the drug world, and he was involved in several political scandals, notably linked to hidden financing of French political parties in the 1990s.

More recently, Gérard Fauré has sparked controversy for his conspiratorial and conspiratorial comments. He notably claimed that certain French public figures consumed adrenochrome, a drug allegedly made from children's blood. These claims have been widely denied and considered fanciful by medical and scientific authorities. However, his conspiracy theories attracted the interest of some online groups, who relayed them on social media.

Photo of Gérard Fauré in the TPMP show.
Photo of Gérard Fauré in the TPMP show.

Gérard Fauré was invited on the set of the show “ Do not touch My TV » hosted by Cyril Hanouna, which sparked strong criticism from certain media and public figures. His presence on set was seen as a lack of responsibility on the part of the show, which was accused of giving a platform to a controversial figure and relaying conspiracy theories. However, others defended the show's decision, saying it is important to give voice to controversial figures to allow for public debate.

In short, Gérard Fauré is a complex figure who divides public opinion in France. His past criminal activities and conspiracy theories have made him a controversial figure, one that arouses both fascination and disgust. However, it is important to remember that his comments are widely denied by medical and scientific authorities, and that it is crucial to exercise discernment when disseminating information on social networks.