TPMP: Amandine Pellissard clashes with Raymond “get back in your truck!” »

February 03, 2023 / Interviews

During the TPMP daily on February 1, Amandine Pellissard settled scores with the columnists. It was tense! We're telling you everything here.

Raymond is a French political commentator, journalist and television host. He is particularly known for his talk show “ Do not touch My TV » (TPMP) in which he has participated since 2012 on C8. He has also been a columnist for the French magazine Le Point since 2011. His frank comments and outspoken opinions have made him one of the most popular personalities in France. Through his various media appearances, he has become an influential figure in French politics and culture.

Why was Amandine Pellissard attacked on TPMP?

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard have been talking about it for a few days. It turns out that the couple decided to get into porn after being featured in Large Families: Life in XXL. A turnaround that caused a stir, since in their show on TF1, they detailed the difficulties of raising eight children. Tuesday January 31, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard confronted the columnists who believe that there is a danger for their children by going to the set of Touche Pas à Mon Poste.

Indeed, many of them risk being put at risk by the new work that their parents do at home. Raymond, Géraldine Maillet et Kelly have argued several times throughout this arc involving the couple.

Cyril Hanouna invited Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard to challenge the columnists once again this Wednesday February 1st. On the other hand, this time, a psychoanalyst was present. We can at least conclude that she did not hold back from speaking to Amandine Pellissard. She repeatedly asked the woman to stop interrupting her and to be quiet. The therapist spoke and acted as if she were Amandine's mother, which was a little too violent for the guest on the evening daily, Clara Morgane.

As for Amandine Pelissard, she once again denounced Raymond's hypocrisy by pointing out that he was watching her Instagram stories. And the columnist's response was

"I really didn't want them to come back tonight, so calm down." These people couldn't give a rat's butt for their own lives. And it’s not me who’s hypocrite, it’s the senders of these films” -Raymond

“I don’t give a damn about your life.” -Raymond

He also took the opportunity to correct his assumption that he's a journalist and explain that he's more of a delivery driver. Contrary to what she thinks. Amandine Pellissard then sent him: “Go back to your truck then!” ». The mother ended up telling Raymond et Géraldine Maillet that they had behaved shamefully the day before and that she could not tolerate that they had attacked her son Léo. An energetic buzz filled the room as the show drew to a close.