Thierry Carbou: “There really is a hemorrhage of talent in France. I spend my time meeting French people in the palaces in Abu Dhabi. »

February 14, 2024 / Radouan Kourak

Thierry Carbou has chose to settle in Dubai there a 12 years. Seduced by the possibilities offered to Emirates, he does not consider to to come back en France. He we explains the reasons which motivated him to make this choice and U.S give the reasons for which a return to back is hardly conceivable for him today. A thought-provoking interview ...

Interview: How long have you been living à Dubai?

Thierry Carbou : I have been living in the Emirates for 12 years. I arrived in 2012. At the time, I was in oil, telecoms and a little in defense. Like many people who are a little frustrated by the barriers we encounter on our old continent, I took my luggage and tried the adventure in Dubai. It's an incredible hub with Africa, Asia and the entire Middle East. You can contact investment funds or financial institutions that allow you to go very far and very quickly.

What were you doing before to leave Dubaï?

I was based between Paris and Montreal. I worked for a family group, Dapa Technology, which was the European leader in all GSM telecommunications peripherals. We were the great specialist in ternary networks for mobile telephony. We are the inventor of Radiocom 2000, and we switched to GSM. We had a monopoly in France and we were the first French company established in the United States for the manufacture of relay antennas and GSM networks... The family group had its headquarters in Paris, but also divisions in Canada and the United States. It's really this North American mentality that pushed me to avoid returning to Paris to discover the Emirates.

What is that that you have pu doing à Dubai that you could not have done en France ?

Being in Dubai allows you to meet a lot of people of different nationalities in different fields. It's an environment where people are extremely

Affordable, unlike France, where everything works only via network. In the Emirates, you can arrive without knowing anyone, and after six months, know the entire planet. And when private investment funds believe in you, you have easier access to financing.

You think the système French pushes talents à leave elsewhere ?

There is really a hemorrhage of talent in France. I spend my time meeting French people in the palaces in Abu Dhabi.

What is that , promising could do that France, talents no longer escape?

Mainly access to financing. And above all, in the Emirates, if you don't have a diploma, if you are young, if you are Jewish, Muslim or Catholic, no one cares. You can be African, dark, Arab, Asian, we will give you a chance, which is not the case in France. In France, we look a lot at the environment you come from, the high school or the university you attended. Here in the Emirates, it's something I've never felt. Every month I see French industrialists or engineers who come to the Emirates to try to find a solution to develop their project. Finding French talent in the Emirates, there's nothing easier, that's all.

Dubai is therefore not just a welcoming land for influencers ?

In Dubai, you meet more engineers than influencers, but it is less publicized. Dubai has for a very long time had this image as the cradle of influencers, but this type of individuals with fairly limited neural capacities are not representative of Dubai.

The image that certains French people from Dubai are therefore far from reality ?

Yes. Once again, there are two Dubais. That of the Eldorado of billionaires, which looks a bit like Miami, and the Dubai of business, focused on the development of talents. Here, all funds are managed by the most brilliant bankers and investors on the planet. The Emirates have really pulled out all the stops to bring in all these talents who today manage the largest Emirati investment funds. The structures are extremely well managed, so when you are an industrialist, a researcher or an engineer and you need to have people who speak the same language as you, you finally find people to talk to and who listen to you, understand your project and your investment needs. And that’s because we no longer have

France unfortunately.

Should we be worried about old Europe?

I would say yes, because all these talents who leave Europe work for emerging markets. Today, the Emirates are positioning themselves as a platform to enable strong industrial development. They have already signed monumental agreements with the Chinese to manufacture electric cars, smartphones and all these everyday consumer goods. In the Emirates, we must flood the African market. They do the same thing with industrialists, engineers, and French talents who come to settle.

Once you are in this environment, why would you return to France? Plus incredible living conditions and a real feeling of security. The last time I locked the doors of my apartment and my car was when I left Paris…

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