TF1 Restores its Cult Programs: After Star Academy and Secret Story, the Return of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Arthur

27 May 2024 / Interviews

TF1 continues its series of restorations of its emblematic programs. After last year's return of Star Academy and a few weeks ago of Secret Story, it's now the turn of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" » to make its comeback on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

Jean-Pierre Foucault's famous formula will be brought up to date. On the occasion of this anniversary, a new version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” » will soon arrive on TF1, with a renowned host at the helm. Arthur, known for hosting “Friday, anything goes”, has made the return of this cult game official. “I am happy to announce that I will take up the torch from Jean-Pierre Foucault and Camille Combal in the presentation of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the show. Thank you to them,” he wrote on his Instagram page on Friday May 24, 2024. He will present several shows broadcast in prime time.

Arthur had already expressed his desire to take the reins of the show. "I would present 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' with relish. I am also going to propose it to TF1. I have maybe been a guest on the program 20 times, I would love to be on the other side,” he told

From 2000 to 2016, Jean-Pierre Foucault played the role of TF1, becoming the emblematic face of the show with his famous phrase: “Is that your last word? ". Jean-Pierre Foucault will also participate as a candidate in one of the next bonuses. In 2019, Camille Combal succeeded him, hosting the show until 2020, a period marked by health restrictions which forced him to present part of the episodes from his home.

Jean-Pierre Foucault had justified his choice to leave the presentation of the show by a desire to take it easy. “I'm not going to be like those singers who keep doing farewell galas. I made a decision, I respect it! » he explained to Télé 7 Jours. Camille Combal, for his part, brought his personal touch to the program, but the show was ultimately taken off the air.

While “Who wants to be a millionaire?” » has not been on the air for several years, its comeback was announced during a very special event. This year, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” » is in fact celebrating its 25th anniversary. Several episodes will soon be filmed, with Arthur at the helm. No air date has been announced yet, but the show is expected to return this summer.

This renewal marks a special event for TF1 and its viewers. The iconic TF1 program, which has captivated millions of viewers for years, promises to regain its former glory with Arthur at its helm, celebrating a quarter of a century of television success. This new challenge for Arthur could also see special guests, including Jean-Pierre Foucault himself, returning to celebrate this momentous anniversary.

Fans of the show can therefore rejoice: “Who wants to be a millionaire? » returns to TF1 with a new lease of life, ready to entertain a new generation of viewers and revive the nostalgia of old fans.