“You’re ugly”: Jessica Thivenin gets harassed on Instagram after posting this video.

30 January 2023 / Interviews

Jessica Thivenin posted a video that sparked heated discussions on many social media platforms. While some online commenters came to his defense, the vast majority did not. The celebrity received a lot of backlash regarding her appearance, some of which was very hateful.

Who is Jessica Thivenin?

Jessica Thivenin is a French reality TV star who recently gained attention for undergoing multiple surgical procedures. plastic surgery. Since becoming famous, she has championed the importance of body positivity and self-love. She has also inspired many people to consider plastic surgery as a way to improve their self-image and self-confidence. In this article, we'll explore Jessica Thivenin's cosmetic surgery journey and her thoughts on the importance of self-acceptance.

It's not easy to succeed in the world of reality TV shows. While sharing content on social media is crucial to maintaining an audience, it's also the best way to expose yourself to criticism. And, regularly, Jessica Thivenin covers the costs. The mother of Maylone and Leewane has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. How many people could potentially respond to his updates and stories. And this Friday, January 27, a new video of the ex Marseillaise has created a buzz….

You can see Jessica Thivenin staring directly into the camera in this clip from Melty. She puts on a headband and prepares her skin for a makeover in front of her followers. Application of foundation, drawing of eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipstick, everything goes together for a result that seems to satisfy the young mother. And yet, the reactions of followers are very shared. Some Internet users have criticized Jessica Thivenin for appearing too “plastic”. She has a very poor life expectancy. I don't know if it's her surgery or her makeup but she looks older than her years. It's a shame that excessive plastic surgery can ruin people's appearance.

Quarrels break out among Jessica Thivenin's followers.

Even though Jessica Thivenin has to deal with trolls and haters on the internet, she has a strong support system in the form of her passionate fans and followers. Here is what one of his young followers said:

“Commenters who are mentally unstable make me feel like I'm seeing things! Why is everyone acting like a jerk?”

In summary, you should only follow someone on Instagram if you genuinely enjoy spending time with them and don't intend to harm them in any way.

Another follower made this comment to defend Jessica Thivenin:

“I don’t see why women are always so mean to each other. Be truly comfortable with yourself. »

Other followers provide exclusively positive comments, such as “ Beautiful , a real bomb”, which is intended as a compliment for the person appreciated. “What a fantastic woman she is!”, If not her emotions, it is at least Jessica Thivenin’s mind that should be relieved after hearing that.