Tehran promises to react to Israel's “slightest action”

16 April 2024 / Interviews

This is a warning that has the merit of being clear. And which plunges the world into ever more uncertainty. The Iranian President, Ebrahim Raïssi, was categorical, via a press release published this Tuesday: He warns Israel that “ the slightest action " against " Iran's interests " would cause " a harsh response " from his country.

This press release released by the Iranian news agency ISNA announces « answer extent and painful against all perpetrators » of an Israeli attack. During a telephone interview with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani, late this Monday, Ebrahim Raïssi explains that “ his country exercises its right to self-defense ", following Israel's attack on an annex of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, on April 1. Furthermore specifying thata " cause of tension in the region " East " le support blindness of certain Western countries to the Zionist regime ».

Firm and distressing declarations for the whole world. Because at the same time, the Israeli foreign minister is calling on his counterparts from 32 countries, including France, to take sanctions against Iran.

Israel Katz sent letters this Tuesday morning and “ spoke with dozens of foreign ministers and public figures around the world calling for sanctions against Iran's missile project and for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to be listed as a terrorist organization ". Measures that he considers capable of “ slow down and weaken » the Islamic Republic.

In the columns of Monde, Josep Borrell, head of diplomacy of the European Union (EU), explains that “ to set up sanctions, we need sanctionable things ". To classify the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the list of terrorist organizations, “ a judicial authority of a Member State must consider that this organization has committed a terrorist act. This is not the case so far ».