“Decent salary” at Michelin, the example to follow?

18 April 2024 / Interviews

Strong words for a strong gesture. The CEO of the Michelin group, Florent Menegaux, has thrown a spanner in the works. Attracting positive comments from many French people. The tire manufacturer announced this Wednesday in the columns of Le Parisien the establishment of a “ decent salary » for its 132 employees around the world.

« A decent salary » what's this ? Enough money to meet the basic needs of a family of four. “ All companies and institutions should take example! » tweets already some people are delighted with this initiative.

On average, ce “decent salary » will represent “ 1,5 to 3 times the minimum wage of the country concerned, also in France », Florianne Viala, director of group remuneration, told AFP.

A very successful communication from Florent Menegaux. Even thoughno Michelin employee is paid the minimum wage. The group considers its level insufficient. If this interview was so well received by the various messages on the networks, it is because with the increase in the SMIC (interprofessional minimum wage for growth) in France, many employees now find themselves at this minimum level.  

17,3% of French people were on minimum wage in 2023 (3,1 million workers) compared to 12% in 2021.

In his interview for Le Parisien, the CEO of the Michelin group specifies that “ it is a logical commitment to all the group's employees […] You devote time to developing yourself and the company and in return we give you the means at least for a family of four individuals – two parents and two children – thata single salary allows you to consider housing, food but also leisure, a little savingse, etc. ».

Questioned about the level of the minimum wage, from Michelin headquarters, Florent Menegaux was even more convincing: “ We consider, for example, that the decent salary is twice the minimum wage in Paris, and + 20% of the minimum wage in Clermont-Ferrand. ». 

Another social advance announced: by the end of 132, Michelin’s 000 employees will benefit from a “ universal social protection floor ». Maternity leave of at least 14 weeks and paternity leave of four weeks paid at 100%.

Words which echo the speech given by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal at the start of the year, concerned with “ destroy France ».