Robert Cavalli is no more (1940-2024)

12 April 2024 / Interviews

Its python skins and flamboyant prints have left their mark on generations. Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli died at his home in Florence (Italy) at the age of 83. The Italian agency ANSA specifies that the designer died following a long illness.

He notably collaborated in the 1970s with Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. Creating outfits that willingly reveal the skin and shapes of the stars. More recently, his creations have also attracted new global stars: from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian.

Open tight shirts, perfect tan, big cigars, Roberto Cavalli ultimately represented a certain era. He loved Ferraris, owned a stunning purple helicopter, married a Miss Universe finalist and sometimes appeared at a vineyard in Tuscany. A notable character, known throughout Hollywood.

His printed leathers and faded jeans will remain one of his trademarks. Still in the game, in 2005, he redesigned the minimalist outfits of the Playboy girls. Putting the leopard in the spotlight.