Raphaël Arnault (Young Guard), controversial candidate of the New Popular Front in Avignon

14 June 2024 / Interviews

Raphaël Arnault, leader of the Young Guard and figure of the far left, is entering the legislative race in the Avignon constituency under the label of La France Insoumise. This political parachuting arouses strong opposition within local left-wing groups, notably the Socialist Party which filed an appeal to challenge his candidacy.

Arnault, known for his radical and violent antifa involvement, faced serious accusations, including "apology of terrorism", due to his statements supporting Palestine during the conflict in Gaza. His presence in Avignon is seen as an attempt to counter the National Rally in the south of France, despite his controversial background.

His candidacy represents a challenge for the New Popular Front, which seeks to mobilize a progressive electorate while managing the repercussions of its polarizing profile and tumultuous stances. This nomination highlights internal tensions within the French left and raises questions about unity against the RN and Macron as the legislative elections approach.

Hector M.