Gas prices, ban on CBD, ease of access to antibiotics: what changes on June 1 for the French

01 June 2024 / Jerome Goulon

A number of significant changes come into effect in France this June, affecting various aspects of French people's daily lives.

Increase in gas prices
As of June 1, 2024, the variable part of the gas price including tax increases by two euros/MWh for cooking/hot water and heating consumers. The average benchmark price excluding tax is up 2,3%, from 75,96 euros/MWh to 77,62 euros/MWh, and the average benchmark price including tax is up 1,8%, from 111,19 euros/MWh at 113,19 euros/MWh

Ban on the Sale of CBD
New compounds derived from cannabis have been added to the list of narcotics by the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) and will be banned from June 3, 2024. The substances concerned are the hemisynthetic cannabinoids H4-CBD and H2-CBD , derived from the transformation of the plant's natural compounds through a chemical process, as well as purely synthetic cannabinoids. These products are available for sale online and in CBD stores, and come in various forms such as oil, resin, herb, spray, gummies or gummies, as well as liquids for Electronic cigarettes.

End of the Nameless Ways
From June 1, 2024, all French municipalities, including those with less than 2 inhabitants, must name all of their streets, alleys and dead ends. This change concerns around 000 million French people and aims to facilitate emergency response, the delivery of packages or mail, and the simplification of the deployment of optical fiber/

Simplified medical procedures
This is a small revolution in the lives of the French: from now on, pharmacists will be able to dispense antibiotics without patients needing to have a prescription from a doctor. But be careful, this only concerns the treatment of tonsillitis and cystitis. A beneficial measure intended to relieve congestion in certain offices and reduce social security costs. Along the same lines, opticians will be able to adjust the correction of the glasses themselves if the lenses are not or no longer suitable for the patients, thus avoiding trips to an ophthalmologist…