Prince Harry: why Prince Harry's autobiography irritated Netflix...

27 January 2023 / Interviews

After the publication of Prince Harry's autobiography, Netflix executives reportedly banged their fists on the table. We bring you up to date with the whole story.

The publication of Prince Harry's autobiography, “Save”, catapulted him to glory. Truth be told, this book contains many revelations swinging about the British royal family. In particular, he returns to his argument with his older brother William. The members of the Royal family British are not the only ones he has annoyed with his memoirs; senior management of Netflix Also. What we know is this.

Netflix is ​​angry because they were treated unfairly.

The parents of Princesses Lilibeth and Archie opened up to the British royal family on television in late December, revealing intimate details about their early lives. Harry and Meghan worked with Netflix to create a documentary series. There is little doubt that this venture was a huge success. However, the leaders of the famous platform feel wronged.

According to information cited by the British tabloid The Sun, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly filming a reality TV show for Netflix.

However, Prince Harry's increased frankness in his book sparked disapproval from the firm's American publishers.

The youngest son of King Charles III

After his interviews with ITV et CBS, Prince Harry attracted the ire of leaders. Currently, Netflix is ​​trying to rectify the situation. An unidentified source revealed that another project with the Sussexes is in preparation.

Having seen the couple film themselves regularly, we know there are other hidden gems to be found in their footage. There's potential for an exciting plot here. The couple would have to open the doors of Montecito to make this possible.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a reality TV show?

Harry and Meghan Markle could become reality TV stars after their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the documentary series Harry & Meghan, and the book “Save”. This is what the huge streaming service claims. However, the Sussexes are keen to keep the press away from Archie and Lilibeth.

On the other hand, they may have to open the shutters of their daily lives and draw the curtain on their private lives now that they are raising their children in California. In fact, they signed a contract $100 million over five years with Netflix.