Why has Nabilla gained 12 kg since her pregnancy?

February 11, 2023 / Interviews

Nabilla, a 31-year-old French-Swiss model, has appeared in reality TV shows since 2011. She posted a photo on Instagram which provoked shocking comments.

The young woman recently went on vacation to Brazil with her husband Thomas Vergara and she posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a swimsuit, but this photo did not please everyone, several Internet users criticized this photo, with shocking comments:

“All redone”

“She ate too much Nutella”

Some time later she broke the silence and responded on her story:

Yes I weigh 12 kilos more and I am very happy like that thank you for your comments

There are also other Internet users who have left very positive comments:

“You’re amazing.”

She is a woman who gave birth and who surely kept a few kilos and so…. The violence of certain comments comes mainly from women and that is what is most confusing. Personally, I'm not particularly fond of Evolution but I find it very good. It's a nice photo !

Why has Nabilla gained 12 kg since her pregnancy?
Photo of Nabilla posted on Instagram in 2023

I gained 12 kilos in 10 years

Nabilla married Thomas Vergara in 2019, in October 2019 she had her first boy Milann, then in June 2022 she gave birth to her second boy Leyann. Like all women since her two pregnancies (10 years) she has gained 12 kg, but she is very happy to be the mother of her two little boys. She has a very good family life, she says.

Retirement is not for the moment

Nabilla is the first in France to do a reality TV show in her name “Allô Nabilla”, this phrase created a buzz in 2013, in the show “Les Anges de la tele-reality” on NRJ, she quickly became a reality TV icon, she became known to the general public thanks to this show.

His career began with:

 " Hello ! No but hello, what ! You are a girl and you do not own any shampoo ! It's like I'm telling you, you're a girl and you don't have hair!

After this period, she became the most followed influencer in France, today a major businesswoman.

Nabilla recently said she could retire at the age of 30.

“Financially things are going very well, but at 30, it would still be a bit sad”

An end to her career which is not yet relevant for the mother who is launching a new challenge, she becomes host of the show Cosmic Love on Amazon Prime.