Torrential rains – Images of chaos in Dubai

17 April 2024 / Interviews

Total chaos. Never seen. As much rain in one day as in a year and a half. Planes transformed into boats. This is the result of the torrential rains which fell on the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

Airport closed, panic in certain cities and French influencers mocked on social media… Dubai Airport, one of the busiest hubs in the world, had to interrupt its operations for 25 minutes in the face of an unprecedented situation and of a unique magnitude. Around one hundred flights were delayed or relocated.

« Dubai International Airport temporarily diverts flights expected this evening until the situation improves ", a Dubai airport spokesperson said on Tuesday.

On social networks, especially on X, Internet users are having fun with the situation, despite the great damage. And also relay beautiful stories. Like this cat, saved from the waters by the local police. A real movie scene, for real.

In shopping centers, the water also flows in torrents. It's a cataclysm. Significant quantities of materials and rubbish fly away or disappear in the currents. Impassable roads, underwater metro stations.

Schools in the Emirates have been closed until at least this Wednesday. As for companies, they have imposed teleworking in the face of such weather. Dubai, new symbol of current climate change?

In Bahrain, still in the Gulf, heavy flooding also caused many problems. Worse, in Oman, 18 people died due to the sudden rise in water, washing away vehicles.