“No tax increase”, says Bruno Le Maire on BFMTV following the downgrading of France’s rating

01 June 2024 / Jerome Goulon

Following the downgrading of the French debt rating by the Standard & Poor's agency, the Minister of the Economy and Finance affirmed that the recovery of public finances would not involve an increase in taxes.

In response to the downgrading of the French debt rating to AA- by Standard & Poor's, Bruno Le Maire spoke on BFMTV about the consequences of this decision. He presented the broad outlines of his strategy to restore public finances, excluding any tax increase for the coming year. “Raising taxes is not in our range of options,” he insisted, adding, “We want to reduce public spending where it is inefficient and unfair. »

The minister recalled the measures taken intended to restore purchasing power to workers, such as the tax-free bonus, the increase in the activity bonus, exemptions from charges on overtime, as well as profit-sharing schemes. and participation.

In front of the BFMTV cameras, Bruno Le Maire reiterated his confidence in France's ability to bring the public deficit below 3%, before concluding "If our debt is high today, it is because I have saved the French economy. I saved factories, restaurateurs, hoteliers, the events sector, jobs, skills, and the aeronautical industry…”

Watch Bruno Le Maire's intervention on BFM TV this Saturday June 1st concerning taxes