Paris 2024: The game that makes fun of the struggles of Parisians!

27 May 2024 / Interviews

Eternal traffic jams in the capital. Nothing funny, nothing amusing. And yet. Essayist François Belley has just created an unusual board game about Paris… and all its faults. Live the adventure of millions of desperate travelers…

Tired of protests every weekend or almost? Tired of being surprised by rats? Fed up with lanes reserved for bicycles to the detriment of common sense? This satirical game is made for you. “ I haven't ruled out any subject. Everything is treated at the same level. I am not anti-Hidalgo or pro “Saccage Paris”. There is a spicy side to this game », says François Belley on

Traffic jams, delays, noises, smells, incivility... How to cross Paris without going crazy? At the time of Paris 2024, the challenge seems particularly difficult.

In the explanatory note, we can read: “ You must go to the heart of Paris to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. But to do this, you will have to cross the capital by metro or by scooter, by car or by bike…” An adventure that tens of thousands of Parisians face every day.

To try your luck, play “La Traversée de Paris”, a nod to the film starring Jean Gabin and Bourvil in 1956. I was able to register the name with the National Institute of Intellectual Property in the category of board games », specifies the essayist from Yvelines.

« I didn't want to give it a try, but rather go through games, satire, drawing, humor, a genre that I had never done “, he continues. While denying that he only created one game: “ there is information " Also. Everyone has their own interpretation.

Through RLO’s drawings, “ a press cartoonist from Lyon » with whom he had wanted to work for a long time, the game totals 50 Parisian scenes with very different themes. And you can of course try to swim in the Seine... Be careful, it's risky.

“La Traversée de Paris”, game distributed to 3000 units, notably on Price: €29,99.