Nikos Aliagas will present the lighting of the Olympic flame… But not in France

16 April 2024 / Interviews

In less than three months, the whole world will turn to the ancestral ritual of lighting the Olympic flame, a symbol of peace and unity. For this historic edition of the 2024 Olympic Games, it is in the very cradle of Olympism, in Greece, that the ceremony will begin. However, a new nation is added to the long list of places where this sacred flame has been lit: France.

At the heart of this event full of symbolism, is a man whose roots embrace two cultures, two countries: Nikos Aliagas. A Franco-Greek host, he accepted with “humility and honor” the role of master of ceremonies for this historic lighting. For him, it is more than a simple protocol task, it is a link between two worlds, between Greece, where the flame comes to life, and France, where it will illuminate hearts during the opening ceremony.

In an interview with our colleagues from L'Équipe, Nikos Aliagas expresses his deep commitment to this event, motivated not only by the desire to be useful, but also by respect for his family roots and the country that saw it. to be born. This is how he takes on the role of intermediary, carrying the symbols and values ​​of Olympism with pride and humility.

The process of lighting the flame, reminiscent of ancient Greek traditions, is a moment full of emotion and symbolism. As the world watches, the high priestess, accompanied by Nikos Aliagas, will use the power of the sun to ignite the Olympic torch, thus beginning a historic journey through ancient Greece.

This journey, punctuated by symbolic stops and moments of emotion, will lead the sacred flame to the shores of France, where it will be welcomed with enthusiasm and anticipation. On July 26, during the opening ceremony in Paris, Nikos Aliagas, with his solemn voice, will remind the whole world of the universal values ​​of Olympism, thus embodying the spirit of peace and unity which animates this long-awaited event.