“Delphine carried my child”: Matthieu Delormeau in TPMP

February 23, 2023 / Interviews

During the Touche Pas à Mon Poste show on February 22, Matthieu Delormeau was surprisingly confident. Everyone was in shock.

February 22, 2023, on the set of the show “Touche pas à mon poste”, the team told their dreams, Matthieu Delormeau surprised everyone, his dream was that Delphine Wespiser was carrying his baby.

Matthieu Delormeau: Delphine is carrying my child

Cyril Hanouna during the TPMP show, asked the columnists if they had ever dreamed of a famous personality, they began to tell them their dreams, Valérie Bénaïm dreamed of George Clooney. Then Louane our singer dreamed of the American star Justin Bieber:

It's super embarrassing to say this. It's Justin Bieber, it was obvious!

Then, we have Guillaume Genton who dreamed of Cardi B, while Gilles Verdez dreamed of Nicole Kidman, he says that it was a very funny dream, in fact in his dream, he was disguised as a Gallic druid in a Breton forest and he was chasing her while raising his cape . Then Géraldine Maillet, the columnist has already seen Serena Williams in her dream.

Finally, it is the turn of Matthieu Delormeau, the latter Cyril Hanouna would forget it.

Matthieu Delormeau, recounted his famous dream, which was very funny but which surprised everyone:

JI'm very upset, because there was a scandal behind it. It wasn't long ago. I was making love with Delphine and we didn't say anything. She calls me a few weeks later and tells me she's pregnant! (…) She wants to keep it because it will be a little model. Me... Well... It's money a child, it's complicated! And then I tell him that we don't know each other. We didn't even have dinner together and even before that, we insulted each other. It's going fast though

Matthieu Delormeau cracks live

Matthieu Delormeau burst into tears live on TPMP, during the show “touche pas à mon poste” on February 13, 2023, columnist Matthieu broke down live. He criticized the host for teasing her about the audiences for his show that he hosts on weekends, since Cyril Hanouna joked about Matthieu's audiences:

“a show with 600 viewers, I would be ashamed to do it!”

The comment did not matter to the chronicler, he did not take it as a joke, Matthieu said:

it hurts me

Then the host responded nastily:

It's okay, we'll talk again, you're making everyone drunk

finally concluded Cyril Hanouna

Matthieu expressed his desire to leave the set before the launch of the commercial, but after explaining himself during the cut, the two are finally reconciled with a hug at the restart, then Matthieu Delormeau finally explained that he had personal problems and was therefore more sensitive at the moment.

Cyril Hanouna comforted him by reminding him of the success of his show and advising him to use TPMP as a 'decompression airlock', do you think that Cyril Hanouna should stop making fun of Matthieu Delormeau?