Marion Maréchal compared to Marshal Pétain live on France Inter

28 May 2024 / Radouan Kourak

This Tuesday morning, Marion Maréchal, head of the Reconquête list in the European elections, was the guest of Sonia Devillers on France Inter. At the heart of the interview, a question from the journalist provoked an incendiary reaction from the former MP, following a comparison with Marshal Pétain.

France Inter journalist Sonia Devillers questioned Marion Maréchal about the differences between her vision of family and that of Marshal Pétain, a controversial figure in French history due to his role during the Vichy regime. This comparison immediately aroused the candidate's ire:

“What is this question?” When I hear this question, I remember why I want to privatize public broadcasting”

Marion Maréchal continued by criticizing the public broadcasting service, highlighting an ideological imbalance that she perceives:

“In public broadcasting, there are 7% people on the right compared to 34% on the left. »

Marion Maréchal has firmly defended her vision of the family, insisting on the concepts of paternity and maternity, which she considers to be incontestable biological realities. She also recalled her controversial comments during the awards ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival, where she declared that the Best Actress Prize, awarded to four actresses, including trans actress Karla Sofía Gascón, would have been given "to a man ". On France Inter, she reiterated:

“Being a woman or being a man is a biological reality. Like it or not, the XX or XY chromosomes are unbeatable. »

The journalist tried to refocus the discussion on the evolution of society since the time of Pétain and questioned the relevance of defending the Christian family in the current context. Marion Maréchal rejected the comparison with the Vichy regime, calling it absurd and resorting to a provocative analogy:

“I think Hitler liked strawberry jam. You like strawberry jam, you're a bit of a Hitlerite, aren't you? »

The journalist insisted on the question, seeking clarification on Marion Maréchal's vision of the Christian family, but the interview remained marked by strong tension and a lively exchange.

This tense exchange on France Inter reflects the deep division that subjects such as family and biology generate in French society. The comparison with Marshal Pétain, although strongly rejected by the candidate, highlighted the ideological issues and tensions which mark the current public debate. This incident also highlights the growing polarization around issues of society and values ​​in France.