Marine le Pen will attend the Manouchian Pantheonization ceremony

February 21, 2024 / Radouan Kourak

This Wednesday evening, Missak and Mélinée Manouchian will enter the Pantheon in the company of 23 comrades engaged in the struggle and the resistance. Marine Le Pen, invited according to Republican custom, should therefore attend this ceremony. A controversial presence.

For Emmanuel Macron, the head of the RN group in the National Assembly, would be “well advised not to come, given the nature of Missak Manouchian’s fight”. Marine le Pen, who arrived at the end of several years at the final cycle of a process of demonization, sees for the first time in a long time her “normalization” once again called into question.

The presence of the Lepenist party at Republican ceremonies and demonstrations no longer seemed to raise any questions: national tribute to the French victims of Hamas, march against anti-Semitism... However, a few days ago she had decided not to attend the national ceremony of tribute to the memory of Robert Badinter, at the request of the entourage of the former Minister of Justice. His presence is once again contested for the induction into the Pantheon of the Manouchian couple. “France was not his country of origin, but his country of adoption. However, when I hear Marine Le Pen develop her theories on national preference, for me it is unbearable,” laments Georges Duffau-Epstein, son of Joseph Epstein, resistance comrade of Missak Manouchian.

Despite this outcry, Marine le Pen assures that she will maintain her presence at the ceremony at all costs.