Marine Le Pen denounces “the scam of the LR allied to Macron”

14 June 2024 / Interviews

Gérard Larcher's support for the Renaissance lists for these legislative elections has not gone unnoticed.

If the person concerned denies direct dealings with the head of state, he does not justify his support for the outgoing Renaissance deputy Karl Olive in Yvelines. Indeed the logo of Ensemble pour les Yvelines (EPY), of which Gérard Larcher is honorary president, is affixed to the bottom of the poster, as we revealed in a previous article. 

At the National Rally, we rub our hands: among the dissidents the rout is such that the masks fall. By accepting the hand extended by Jordan Bardella, Éric Ciotti will have achieved the unexpected challenge of a vast sorting within his party. Those who abandoned it find themselves less than 48 hours later in the ranks of the macronie.

“Beyond showing courage, Éric Ciotti also shows clarity towards LR voters. On the other hand, those at LR who condemn him are making secret agreements, everywhere, with the macronie!

The publication of the lists will reveal this scam and the long list of unique LR/Macron candidates. »

Marie F.