Demonstration against the extreme right: a day of high tension

15 June 2024 / Interviews

All week, unions and political leaders have called for demonstrations this Saturday against the “extreme right”. This demonstration takes place in a particular context after last night's purge denounced by François Ruffin and Clémentine Autain, and while François Hollande declared himself a candidate without consulting the Socialist Party of Paris. The former President could therefore dampen Olivier Faure's hopes of becoming Prime Minister. The union is holding but is already weakened and will remain so until the leader is chosen.

If at this time there are no particular tensions to be observed, the police are on their guard and anticipate being targeted, as they have been during the week. Journalist Amaury Brelet observes the presence of ultra-left elements in the pre-procession:

It is still early, and the most radical elements remain discreet for the moment, the leaders of the new popular front addressing the crowd. However, the late afternoon and early evening could be more choppy. Ultra-left activists, in search of images of police violence, risk provoking the police.

At this stage, the situation is calm, but an intensification of tensions is expected at the end of the day.