Anti-Ciotti Republicans unveil a program of ten measures to restore France

14 June 2024 / Interviews

Anti-Ciotti Republicans are organizing. According to information published by Le Figaro, the members of the group agreed on a program of ten measures written between Tuesday June 11 and Thursday June 13. This document, presented as a “government program”, was managed by Emmanuelle Mignon and Aurélien Caron, and was validated by the main figures of the movement, such as Laurent Wauquiez or the new governance of betting, ensured by Annie Genevard and François -Xavier Bellamy since the exclusion of Eric Ciotti.

This program presents three major objectives: to restore France, restore order and guarantee freedom. In his first words he mentions a situation of “major crisis of destabilization and disorder” in France, based around subjects such as the explosion of insecurity, the difficulties of justice, uncontrolled immigration, the weakening of health and education, the deterioration of public spending and the impact of inflation on purchasing power.

Faced with this observation, ten measures are therefore proposed by the members of the Republican Party opposed to Éric Ciotti and his alliance with the RN: reindustrialize for prosperity and purchasing power, control uncontrolled immigration, implement a real policy housing, take back control of penal policy, support assimilation and fight against Islamism, fight against bureaucracy to liberate the French and support our farmers and our businesses, promote an ecology based on progress and respectful of our way of rural life, put our public accounts in order and correct the abuses of our social model, favor families and finally fundamentally reform education and health. These actions, presented as “concrete and responsible to restore France”, thus establish the action priorities of support for this program.

All these measures, which establish a true profession of faith, will be placed in the hands of the candidates united behind the LR movement but opposed to Éric Ciotti.

Simon B.