The legislative elections are exported to YouTube

15 June 2024 / Interviews

This Friday, June 14, Squeezie, until recently the first YouTuber in France, made a long post on Instagram in which he explains to his subscribers that it is important to go and vote to prevent the national rally from happening in power, thus supporting the new popular front. Reshared by thousands of users of the platform, this message of political bias did not go unnoticed.

Jordan Bardella, candidate for the national rally in Matignon, responded to him in a post using the same form, in which he quips: “I put forward two hypotheses about this agitation of our friend Squeezie.
The first: a 1vs1 on Rust that was poorly digested at the time, after taking a bad quickscope?
The second: being overtaken by Tibo Inshape? »

The latter also reacted without naming Squeezie, saying in essence that the vote was free and that he was not in a position to give voting instructions. His recent overtaking of Squeezie was not lost on political analysts, who saw it as a paradigm shift in the political attitude of young people. Indeed, Tibo Inshape does not hesitate to put a French flag in his videos, to film with soldiers, and to focus his speech on individual responsibility.

Result: Lucas Hauchard saw his YouTube channel decline in number of subscribers, falling back below 19 million, losing around 150 subscribers since he took a position. At the same time, that of Tibo Inshape has just exceeded 000 million.

The behavior of users of the platform is becoming politicized, and this is probably not going to stop any time soon.