Hugo Clément's show Nos Grandes Décisions renewed despite mixed audiences

18 April 2024 / Interviews

Launched with great fanfare last February on France 2, the program “Nos Grandes Décisions” presented by Hugo Clément aroused as much interest as perplexity. The young 34-year-old journalist took the reins of this weekly magazine broadcast in the second half of the evening. But despite a new offering, the show quickly struggled to find its audience, displaying fluctuating audiences.

The audacious concept was intended to be both interactive and societal. Indeed, “Our Great Decisions” offered viewers direct access to poignant testimonies, confronting them with often complex life dilemmas. Experts and personalities were present to provide their insight, while the public was invited to participate by voting for the choices proposed. An approach reminiscent of Jean-Luc Delarue's successful shows, but with a touch of modernity and social commitment.

However, despite this laudable ambition, audiences have not consistently responded. If the first issue captivated nearly 592 curious people, thus attracting 000% of the public, the figures quickly dropped to reach only 6,5 viewers during the third episode. Even if a slight increase was noted for the last issue, with 375 people in front of their screen, the results remain mixed.

Faced with these checkered performances, the management of France 2 was faced with a difficult choice. Despite the challenges, Hugo Clément is given a second chance for the next season, but not without adjustments. Indeed, there is already talk of an overhaul of the show's formula, in the hope of attracting a larger and more loyal audience.

However, television remains unpredictable territory. While “Our Big Decisions” seeks to find its balance between emotion and entertainment, only time will tell us if this audacious bet will be able to conquer the hearts and minds of viewers. In the meantime, Hugo Clément is preparing for a new season, ready to take on the challenges that will arise on the steep path of television animation.