Legislative: Reconquest continues its nominations despite the reluctance of the candidates

14 June 2024 / Interviews

Thomas Culerrier officially replaces Nicolas Bay at the head of the Reconquest federations. 

By having openly taken a position for Marion Maréchal and the right-wing coalition, the MEP was excluded from the party and removed from office. 

“We are continuing to ardently prepare for these early legislative elections. 

I inform you that the only person authorized to contact you regarding the elections is Thomas Culerrier, [new] responsible for the Federations and the Reconquest elections. »

A message signed Éric Zemmour. 

It's time for revolt at Reconquête as an open letter was published by a hundred elected officials and activists to the executive office, to plead union in the tradition of Marion Maréchal.

In Brittany too, potential candidates are retreating behind Marion Maréchal according to Breizh Info: 

“The three Breton candidates present on the Reconquest list! led by Marion Maréchal in the European elections support the union of the rights. 

Elisabeth Louvel 21st on the list. 

Franck Chevrel 30th on the list. 

Leïla Rosenstech 57th on the list. 

The future of France being a priority over all other partisan considerations, the three Breton candidates unanimously call for the union of the rights.

We are grateful to Eric Zemmour for having succeeded in freeing the voice of the French and for having addressed, without fail, all the most vital themes for our Country since the creation of the Reconquest party! .

We will continue to defend them, as we always have.  

However, we believe, unanimously and without the slightest doubt, that the national camp must come together and form a real bloc in the face of the danger represented by the popular front and the macronie which are sacking our country.

We must not put forward a candidacy which would divide our camp and only weaken this necessary union.

Also, none of us will present our candidacy for the legislative elections. 

We call on Marion Maréchal to create a unifying movement, which will carry this union of the rights and which will definitively put an end to the cordon santé which has led France to the terrible decline it is experiencing today.

The national investiture commissions now have until Sunday, the final deadline, to decide. 

Marie F.