Legislative: “The left will not win”, believes Manuel Valls

15 June 2024 / Interviews

This Thursday, Manuel Valls, former socialist Prime Minister, was the guest of the BFM Story program to discuss the anticipated legislative elections announced by Emmanuel Macron on Sunday June 9.

The agreement reached by the French left is not unanimous. In reference to Léon Blum, the New Popular Front was made official on Thursday June 13 by a joint press release from the leaders of NUPES, the Ecologist Party, the Socialist Party, the Communist Party and France Insoumise. This agreement is far from unanimous, particularly among Manuel Valls.

“That the Socialist Party, heir to this history, signs an agreement with France Insoumise, whose leader and several of its deputies have made anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli remarks in the name of anti-Zionism, is for me a defeat political and moral,” reacted Manuel Valls following the announcement of this agreement. The former Prime Minister of François Hollande calls for awareness: “All the more reason to call for a start! Let elected officials, socialist and socio-democratic candidates, especially voters, who moreover voted for many with pleasure, once again, for a socialist list led by Raphaël Glucksmann, say to themselves that this path is not possible. »

For Valls, this agreement represents an unacceptable compromise with elements he considers extremist and morally reprehensible. According to him, the French left, by allying itself in this way, is moving away from its historical values ​​and compromising its chances of success in the legislative elections.

The tone is therefore set for an electoral campaign which promises to be particularly tense within the French left, with internal dissensions which risk weakening this newly formed union.