Legislative: Darmanin refuses to support RN or LFI in the event of a duel

15 June 2024 / Interviews

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, declared that he would vote neither for the National Rally (RN) nor for the left-wing coalition, La France insoumise (LFI), in a possible duel in the second round of elections early legislative elections scheduled for Sunday July 7.

During his appearance on the show “L'Heure des Pros” on CNews, Thursday June 13, Darmanin was questioned about his voting intentions in the event of a duel between the RN and the Popular Front, a coalition bringing together LFI, the Parti socialist, the Communist Party, Europe Ecology The Greens and the NPA. He firmly replied that he would “not vote for an RN candidate, nor for an LFI candidate”. However, he indicated that he could consider voting for a Les Républicains (LR) or socialist candidate.

Rejection of the Popular Front and criticism of LFI

Gérald Darmanin also expressed his rejection of the Popular Front, severely criticizing LFI. “I cannot vote for a candidate from La France insoumise since I believe that their betrayal of the deep values ​​of our country, of the police officers and gendarmes they shoot in the back, is morally and politically unacceptable,” he said. he assures.

Reaction to the European elections

The minister welcomed Emmanuel Macron's “rapid” and “Gaullian” decision to dissolve the National Assembly following the results of the European elections. These elections saw the victory of the National Rally with 31,4% of the votes, followed by Renaissance (14,6%) and the PS – Place publique (13,8%).

Voting intentions for the legislative elections

According to an Elabe poll for La Tribune Dimanche and BFMTV, published the previous Wednesday, the RN leads voting intentions for the legislative elections with 31%, ahead of the left-wing coalition at 28% and the presidential camp at 18%.