The CEO of the Leclerc group Michel-Édouard Leclerc soon in politics?

18 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

Invited this Thursday on France Info, Michel-Édouard Leclerc, president of the Leclerc group, opened a new perspective on its future, revealing a persistent temptation for the political arena. This confession echoes his previous statements about his constant reflection on possible political involvement, a thought which seems to haunt him.

“I have always had political temptation”, affirmed Mr. Leclerc, thus underlining an aspiration long kept within him. At the end of March, during an intervention on LCI, he had already suggested that the idea of ​​getting involved in politics crossed his mind regularly. Explaining his motivations, he discusses his concerns regarding “perils of our French society”, questioning its usefulness and where it could be most effective.

This political temptation finds its roots in his past actions. Mr. Leclerc believes he has already exercised a form of politics through his positions on subjects such as inflation or the purchasing power of the French. “I had the impression of playing politics by being almost alone in denouncing inflation”, he declares. These positions are not without consequences, since he admits to having suffered criticism and repercussions on his company, with summons before parliamentary committees.

Since he made his political ambitions public, Mr. Leclerc acknowledges having discussions with various political actors, although he prefers not to reveal their identities. Concerning the areas in which he would like to get involved, he highlights the need to find European leadership to simplify standards and promote harmonization.

However, despite this stated desire, Michel-Édouard Leclerc remains pragmatic about his schedule. He insists that his political commitment is not imminent, because he believes that the mother of battles for him remains inflation which he considers necessary to win. Therefore, no imminent change is expected in his current functions within the Leclerc group. For now, it seems that the businessman remains focused on his current responsibilities, while keeping a close eye on the political issues that require him.