London Mayor Boris Johnson collides with a child during a rugby match!

16 October 2015 / Jerome Goulon

It’s a stunning sequence that Boris Johnson delivered to us! Currently traveling to Japan where the next Rugby World Cup will take place in 2019, the Mayor of London played an exhibition match with children during his visit to a school in Tokyo.

Ball in hand, the British conservative elected official, renowned for his eccentricities, rushes forward, ready to score a try, not hesitating to send to the mat the young Toki Sekiguchib who comes in his way with a shoulder blow!  Stunned but not injured, the ten-year-old boy quickly got up and Boris Johnson immediately apologized by shaking his hand. The schoolboy reported to the Guardian that he “had pain at the time” but that this meeting was still “pleasant”.

If the English, eliminated from the Rugby World Cup at the beginning of October, are looking for a new hooker for the next competition in Japan in 2019, they can call on the mayor of London!

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