The communist Léon Deffontaines invested by the New Popular Front in the Somme

14 June 2024 / Interviews

Léon Deffontaines, former leader of the French Communist Party (PCF) in the European elections, announced that he will be the candidate of the new Popular Front in the third constituency of the Somme. His candidacy comes in a context of strong scores from the National Rally (RN) in this region.

Deffontaines, whose list had obtained 2,36% in the previous European elections, expressed his determination to fight against what he describes as “false evidence” of the domination of the RN in the constituency. “I will show the true antisocial face of Mr. Bardella and his friends,” he said, directly targeting the leader of the RN.

In a press release published this Friday, Deffontaines underlined the unity of progressive forces in the face of the dissolution of the National Assembly. The new Popular Front, bringing together more than twenty political parties, including the Socialist Party, the Ecologists, France Insoumise and the French Communist Party, presents itself as a solid and united alternative to the left.

Arnaud Petit, mayor of Woincourt, as well as many local left-wing personalities support Deffontaines in this campaign. Together, they promise to defend the interests of workers, to increase purchasing power, to raise salaries and pensions, to lower EDF bills and to reverse the pension reform implemented by Emmanuel Macron.

Deffontaines calls on Somme voters not to be seduced by the RN, which he accuses of systematically voting against the interests of workers. “The RN is not an answer to your problems, it is part of the problem,” he said. He says he is ready to travel every meter of the third district to convince voters that an alternative is possible.