Anouchka Delon's lawyer responds to Interview on BFMTV: “There are 12 pages in a magazine where Anthony insults his sister. That's enough! »

05 April 2024 / Jerome Goulon

While the courts have just pronounced the reinforced curatorship of Alain Delon, Frank Berton, Anouchka Delon's lawyer, was invited this Friday morning on BFM TV to discuss the family conflict. The latter responded to comments made by Anthony Delon in Interviews. Questioned at the microphone of Maxime Switek, Maître Berton deplored the fact that Anthony Delon attacked his sister in the columns ofInterviews, declaring “There are 12 pages in a magazine where Anthony insults his sister over and over, with even a poll! We question the French to find out if they are more for Anouchka than for Anthony. That's enough ! I tell you, we're tired of it! »

As a reminder, Anthony Delon granted Interviews an exclusive interview in our new issue, published on March 27 and currently on newsstands, in which he discusses his first novel Rail and returns to the family conflict, with exclusive information to boot.

During the interview he gave us, Anthony Delon revealed to us exclusively that his sister, Anouchka Delon, was demanding more than 120 euros from him and his brother for having broadcast a private video in which she seems to want manipulate his father, Alain Delon, adding: “It exceeds €120 between the two of us. You have to pay your three lawyers and your specialist in press rights and communications well. She thinks she's in an election campaign! (Laughs) It's stupid, she has already lost and will lose a lot again. Like all people full of themselves, she can't understand him, what's more, she gets very bad advice. Life and hindsight will do their job, as always. »

Comments which obviously did not please Frank Berton, Anouchka Delon's lawyer also deploring the survey that we published in Interviews, which shows that the French greatly prefer Anthony to his sister Anouchka…

Discover here the sequence of Frank Berton responding to Interview on BFM TV:

Find the entire interview with Anthony Delon in the new issue of Entrevue, currently on sale everywhere in France…

Anthony Delon and Jérôme Goulon, editor-in-chief of Entrevue