Australia offers citizenship to French “hero” of Sydney attack

16 April 2024 / Jerome Goulon

On Saturday April 13, a knife attack took place in a shopping center in Sydney, Australia, leaving 6 people dead and 12 injured. The attacker was shot dead by police minutes after his rampage. If the toll is terrible, it could have been even heavier without the intervention of a Frenchman, Damien Guérot.

This French national, present on the scene at the time of the tragedy, in fact tried to intervene against the murderer, preventing the killer from climbing an escalator using a pole. An act of bravery which slowed down the attacker and undoubtedly prevented him from causing other victims.

A video that went viral on social media, showing Damien Guérot opposing the attacker, sparked a wave of support across the country, and a petition was even launched for him to obtain Australian citizenship.

Following this petition, Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed “extraordinary bravery” of the French, affirming “He is someone we would happily welcome as an Australian citizen, although that would of course be a perte for France. »

Anthony Albanese added “It says a lot about human nature that when we face difficult problems, that a person who is not a citizen of this country courageously stood at the top of that escalator and stopped this attacker from going to another floor and potentially committing further carnage. » , concluding: “I think on Saturday we saw the best of human nature at the same time as devastating tragedy. »