26 years of age difference between the couple of Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos

February 21, 2023 / Interviews

Laurent Ruquier, 60 years old, in a relationship with Hugo Manos, 34 years old since 2018. A love story evoked in the magazine Public, February 10, 2023, with 25 years of age difference between the famous.

The host Laurent Ruquier, and the influencer Hugo manos reveal the details of their romantic relationship on the show “Touche Pas a Mon Poste”.

A secret relationship of Laurent Ruquier which lasted 4 years

Hugo Manos, a 34-year-old young man, influencer of Franco-Greek origin revealed in 2017 as godfather of the reality TV show candidates Angels' Vacation 2: Welcome to the Greeks. Spotted on social networks, the young man succeeds Fabrice Sopoglian, historical godfather of Angels, in a relationship with Laurent, French radio and television host, television and theater producer, and comedian. A columnist, he is also a lyricist, writer and theater author.

Their relationship was discreet until 2022, when Hugo Manos made TikToks with his companion Laurent then they formalized their relationship in public. But they are not comfortable since they announced their relationship on social networks, the influencer always had this habit of sharing his personal life on the networks but since he is in a relationship with Laurent Ruquier, who is very discreet , Hugo Manos is changing his habits and sharing less of his personal life on social networks.

Many Internet users have criticized the couple for their age difference, and especially Laurent who is in his sixties and will soon retire.

Influencer Hugo Manos responded to all these criticisms by saying that:

The first moments together didn't make me feel any difference. Perhaps it was this singularity that made me want to build something“, he admitted this February 10 in the pages of Public

I wouldn't be good with someone my age

He declares that he is old in a young body, and that he is not yet retired:

The arrival of sixty does nothing to me. I still have two plays planned and a musical about the Marx Brothers. I don't feel old. I have always been out of fashion. I didn't take the big head, I took Les Grosses Têtes

“we are in love, fuck you”

Photo posted by Hugo Manos on Instagram
Photo posted by Hugo Manos on Instagram

The couple is very happy in their life as a couple, he says, Laurent and his companion Hugo Manos made the decision to adopt an adorable little dog who named him Tigane, after losing their best friend Neuneu just before .

Hugo Manos spoke in public about his desire to be a father, but the couple is not yet ready for this stage, because it is a very important stage in a couple's life, and we have to think carefully before to make a decision.

On February 12, he let us know in the show Children of TV that he is very happy in his married life, and he plans to go far with his companion Hugo Manos.

Me, I'm with my boyfriend. Hey yeah, we're in love. And There you go ! Oh yes ! And I emm yourde! I am a happy man!*