The police arrive at Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard, the new porn stars!

February 20, 2023 / Interviews

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard, former participants in the show “Familles large” and recently converted to porn, received a visit from the police. The latter acted after an anonymous report.

The new amateur porn couple is still making headlines! Victim of harassment because of her origins, the mother of in family began by settling scores before another much more epic episode. In fact on Wednesday February 15, while she was traveling in Paris, Amandine Pellissard receives a call from her husband informing her that the police want to question the couple's children. So surprised, she asks the reason for this visit which she will reveal on Instagram.

The couple is looking forward to this new adventure, and are delighted by the enormous sums of money they have already earned, far more than they could have earned from product placements. They have fun with the incredibly bold requests from their admirers, some of whom are small screen personalities. Amandine and Alexandre dismiss out of hand the voices of those who suggest that the well-being of their children is threatened and that they could suffer from this lifestyle choice.

With the exception of Leo, the eldest, the young people are unaware of their activities, and the underside of the sofa which contains their toys is inaccessible to the little ones. Even leaks of their content outside the platforms where they were stored do not concern them.

We don't know if it's one or more anonymous reports, a priori she (the police, editor's note) told you one. But hey, I have doubts, since we have seen a wave of hatred on social networks, of cyberharassment. – Amandine Pellissard

An incredible series of events!

Still in her Instagram video, Amandine Pelissard describes the content of the reports sent for the police to move.

Anonymous letters were sent to the prosecutor saying that following our retraining, supposedly, our children are locked in their rooms at night. – Amandine Pellissard

Accusations which made the couple react, and even Alexandre Pellissard, usually very calm.

When they came (the police, editor's note), I showed them around the whole house because of course, we have nothing to hide. I showed them everything, even the sofa! – Alexandre Pellissard

As a reminder, the “sofa” echoes their sexual objects located in a chest under it.

The children are also shocked, as evidenced by their daughter's story.

Why did they ask me if I'd ever seen you naked? But I, Dad, have never seen you naked! – Alina, daughter of the couple

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard upset but determined

Indeed, the police would have handled this case in an exceptional manner. According to the mother, the OPJ would have told Alexandre Pellissard that this whole protocol would not have taken place if they had not been famous.

We will later learn that the case will be dismissed, which further strengthens the couple in their choice:

It takes more than that to bring us down. We will not change our profession. We are happy, we are in love, we are a happy family. Those who made anonymous reports, you missed the trick – Amandine Pellissard

And to clarify, the cops “apologized” for doing this to them. In any case, nothing obliges them to continue their activities beyond that. This visit from the police will perhaps give the couple ideas for scenarios...