Karine le Marchand speaks for the first time about her romantic relationship with rapper Passi

17 April 2024 / Interviews

This Tuesday, April 16, the airwaves of the emblematic radio show “Les Grosses Têtes” welcomed a surprising trio: Laurent Ruquier, accompanied by Karine Le Marchand and rapper Stomy Bugsy. Beyond the usual laughter and games, the star host of M6 revived memories by evoking her romantic past, in particular a little-known relationship with the rapper Passi.

Karine Le Marchand, famous for presenting the show L'amour est dans le pré, has proven to be a solid figure for farmers looking for love. Despite this reputation as a “cupid”, she admitted to having encountered difficulties in her own romantic quest. Among his tumultuous relationships, an affair with Lilian Thuram, punctuated by accusations of domestic violence, caused a lot of ink to flow. Despite the ordeals, Karine Le Marchand maintained her commitment, emphasizing the importance of her actions for her daughter and for all women victims of violence.

But that's not where the revelations stop. On the Grosses Têtes set, surrounded by Laurent Ruquier and Stomy Bugsy, she lifted the veil on another chapter of her love life. “I dated Passi more than twenty years ago,” she declared, thus confirming an affair previously unknown to the general public. Stomy Bugsy, accomplice and friend of the rapper, brought his testimony, shedding new light on this past romance between Karine Le Marchand and the famous rapper.

These confidences, although surprising for some, have not undermined Karine Le Marchand's faith in love. Despite the ups and downs, disappointments and disillusionments, she remains resolutely optimistic about the future of her love life. “I still believe in it,” she told Télécâble Sat last August. Inspired by the budding love stories in “Love is in the Meadow,” she remains hopeful and continues to believe in the possibility of one day finding a soul mate.

Beyond the laughter and anecdotes, the show offered an intimate look at the eventful love life of Karine Le Marchand, between memories of the past and hopes for the future.