Julien Bayou withdraws after not being invested by the New Popular Front

15 June 2024 / Interviews

Julien Bayou, outgoing environmentalist deputy for the 5th district of Paris, announced today that he was withdrawing his candidacy for the early legislative elections of June and July 2024. This decision follows his lack of investiture by the New Popular Front , the left-wing coalition formed for these elections.

The ecologist, targeted by investigations for moral harassment and abuse of weakness following complaints from his ex-partner, Anaïs Leleux, declared in a press release: “My personal future is secondary in the face of the social, societal and ecological catastrophe that would represent the RN’s accession to power.” He also added that he was taking steps to officially withdraw his candidacy from the legislative elections.

Julien Bayou hopes that if cleared, the leadership of his former party, EELV, will recognize its errors. Despite its withdrawal, Bayou called for broad mobilization against the “National Front”, particularly where it has chances of victory. His withdrawal is unanimously welcomed on the left and contrasts with the maintained candidacy of Adrien Quatennens, despite his conviction. (article link)