Julien Bayou forced to resign from EELV for moral harassment

02 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

Julien Bayou, former national secretary of Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV), announced his resignation from the party as well as from the environmentalist group in the National Assembly, according to EELV sources reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP ) on Tuesday April 2. This decision comes a month after the announcement by his former partner, Anaïs Leleu, to file a complaint against him for “moral harassment” and “fraudulent abuse of a state of weakness”.

Since this announcement, the deputy had withdrawn, but had not been suspended by his group in the National Assembly the previous week, despite criticism from certain members of the party, in particular the deputy Sandrine Rousseau and Les Jeunes Écologues. Julien Bayou informed of his departure from the party and the group by e-mail.

Following this affair, EELV launched an external investigation entrusted to a firm specializing in gender-based and sexual violence. For Julien Bayou's entourage, this investigation was the "drop in the bucket" too many, after he had already been subjected to an internal investigation and when he should have been heard by the courts. It is added that he had hoped to be able to defend himself in court and be reinstated later, but he now understands that this will not be possible.

Anaïs Leleu, the former companion of the deputy who had accused him of "psychological violence", announced in a press release published this Tuesday that she took note of the resignation of Julien Bayou from the environmentalist group in the National Assembly as well as the left. She also expressed her expectation that the EELV party would do everything possible to prevent a similar situation from happening again. EELV management stressed, in an internal message, the importance of objectifying the facts and allowing everyone involved to express themselves.

Concerning a possible definitive expulsion, the decision was to come back to the party authorities, during a meeting scheduled for April 27.

Marine Tondelier, national secretary of EELV, told AFP that the aim of the new investigation was not to blame Julien Bayou but to gather objective facts. She also indicated that she had received several new reports of inappropriate behavior since the deputy's suspension.

EELV members had threatened to strike for the European election campaign, expressing indignation at the fact that environmentalist deputies did not suspend Julien Bayou during a vote on March 27, failing to reach a qualified majority necessary (60% of the parliamentary group’s staff).