Joe Biden reveals his tax return and his 6-figure salary

16 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

US President Joe Biden recently released his tax returns, renewing the tradition of transparency observed by the highest officials of the United States. This practice, although not obligatory, is seen as a way to strengthen citizens' trust in their political leaders. This tradition was temporarily interrupted under the previous administration of Donald Trump.

The president and first lady's tax filing reveals they took home a total of $619 in 976, mostly made up of the president's $2023 salary and his wife, Jill Biden's, $400 compensation. for her teaching position in Virginia, near Washington D.C. This income is increasing compared to previous years, amounting to almost $000 in 85 and approximately $985 in 580.

The White House underscored President Biden's commitment to openness and honesty with the American people, saying the tradition of annually releasing presidential tax returns must be maintained without interruption, an implicit reference to the Trump administration.

The publication of the Biden couple's tax return comes a few months before the November presidential elections, where the 2020 return match will be played, Joe Biden once again facing his predecessor Donald Trump.

While Donald Trump, businessman and leading figure of the American right before becoming president, had chosen not to follow the tradition of transparency by refusing to make his tax return public, several of his declarations were ultimately disclosed following pressure from Democrats in Congress. It emerged that, for several years, Trump had virtually avoided paying income taxes due to his large business losses.