Israel prepares for Iranian attack this weekend

12 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

In an increasingly tense climate in the Middle East, France is reacting firmly to threats emanating from Iran by taking preventive measures to ensure the security of its nationals in the region. During a recent exchange with Interview, a Knesset member stressed the urgency of the situation, citing reports of an imminent attack in Israel orchestrated by Iran this weekend. The form and type of foreseeable attack remain unknown at this time.

During a crisis meeting, French Foreign Minister Stéphane Sejourné announced a series of recommendations and decisions aimed at tackling the alarming situation.

The main recommendation issued by the Minister is to avoid any travel in the coming days to Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories. This warning underlines the seriousness of the threat weighing on these regions and aims to protect French citizens from possible dangers.

In addition, the families of French diplomatic agents stationed in Tehran are urgently recalled to France, thus demonstrating the concern of the French authorities regarding the security of their nationals in the face of growing risks. At the same time, the missions of French civil servants in the countries affected by the tensions are suspended until further notice, in order to prevent any major incident.

The moves come as tensions in the region reach critical levels, largely due to Iranian threats.

Faced with this imminent threat, France calls for caution and vigilance from its nationals, while ensuring close monitoring of the situation. French authorities remain mobilized to guarantee the security and interests of French citizens in the Middle East region, awaiting potential developments in the days to come.