Iran/Israel: “Right to defend oneself”, the images of this scandalized lawyer

16 April 2024 / Interviews

It's a video that has more than two million views in 24 hours. A " message to the whole world » which has the merit of being very viral. A lawyer under a pseudonym (and under multiple filters) relays her words via his TikTok account to more than 100 subscribers.

This Iranian-British lawyer, Elica Le Bon, was fed up with hearing that Iran has “ the right to defend oneself » facing Israel. Tehran thus justified its attacks launched during the night from Saturday to Sunday against Israel. Pretending a response to the attacks on an annex of its embassy in Damascus (Syria), on 1er April.

This Monday, Elica Le Bon therefore decided to speak. Firmly. « In what capacity have you distorted history to make the Islamic Republic the victim? », asks the lawyer. Before going back several years: “Where were you when we were shouting for two years that they were lynching us? ".

The lawyer refers to the repression carried out in the Islamic Republic of Iran. “ Where were you when we were shouting that they were killing Iranian women because they didn't wear hijabs? Where have you been ? When they were lynching Iranian men from the tops of cranes for protesting, where were you? ».

The lawyer based in the United States multiplies the reminders: “ If you had listened to us over the last two years, then "you would know that the Iranians do not want war with Israel, we want peace with Israel. " Or, " haven't we suffered enough over the past 45 years that we now have to serve as pawns in your war fantasies with Israel? ».

A large wave of protests shook Iran for several months. A protest severely repressed. Clashes which followed the death in detention in September 2022 of a young Iranian Kurd, Mahsa Amini, arrested by the moral police for non-compliance with the strict Islamic dress code. 853 people were executed in Iran in 2023, a figure which beats the sad record of 2015, according to the NGO Amnesty International.