EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Stéphane Allix: “We believe that our entire being dies, and we forget that our soul does not die”

February 20, 2024 / Interviews

Stéphane Allix, journalist and author, publishes his new book Death does not exist. A collection of testimonies, investigations and scientific evidence around a subject as fascinating as it is taboo: death. What if everything didn't end when we died? 

During this interview, to be found in the new issue of Entrevue, on sale since February 8, Stéphane Allix explains the reasons which pushed him to become interested in the theme of life after death. 

Having become one of the specialists on the subject in France, he talks about near-death experiences and contacts with the deceased, giving us his personal experiences... Without taboo, he talks about scientific advice and the paranormal.

The interview was conducted by Marie Giancani for Entrevue.

You want to know more ? Find the entire interview with Stéphane Allix now in the new issue of Entrevue!