Inès Reg and Natasha St Pier finally reconciled

17 April 2024 / Interviews

During the show “Culture Médias” on Europe 1 this Wednesday April 17, 2024, Inès Reg was the guest of Jean-Pierre Foucault. The opportunity was twofold: the posting of his show online on Amazon Prime Video and the media reconciliation with Natasha St-Pier, following their altercation in “Dancing with the Stars”.

Jean-Pierre Foucault was quick to address the delicate subject, humorously asking the long-awaited question: “Inès, are you a little slut?” Inès' response, marked by lightness, marked the beginning of a sincere exchange on the repercussions of their publicized conflict.

Inès Reg expressed her initial fears and the emotional impacts of this confrontation, but she also highlighted her current serenity. She insisted that disagreements between “colleagues” are commonplace and that she had buried the hatchet. This statement was supported by the assertion that peace had been restored on both sides.

The comedian also expressed his desire not to see the public divided into “team Natasha” and “team Inès”, preferring that people focus on the show rather than on past frictions. She described an atmosphere of civility behind the scenes, where smiles replace tensions.

This reconciliation live on Europe 1 marks a turning point in the relationship between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, putting an end to speculation and launching a message of maturity and professionalism. The footage broadcast this morning bears witness to this resolution, offering a glimpse of the peace found between two artists.​