Racist incidents, dysfunctions of the authorities: the sad results after OL-PSG

27 May 2024 / Interviews

The football party has once again been spoiled by a few individuals. Saturday, a few hours before the Coupe de France final won by PSG (1-2), clashes took place between Lyon and Paris supporters on the A1 motorway.

More than 24 hours after the events, it is time to take stock. The Northern Prefecture takes stock of the situation: “The security forces made 10 arrests, issued 8 criminal fixed fines and intervened for 1 public and obvious drunkenness ».

We then learn in the press release that “8 police officers were slightly injured. 14 supporters required medical treatment. A bus was set on fire and 2 others damaged ». If the police investigation is underway to find out the causes of the incidents, The Team has already traced the thread of these sad fights.

According to the sports media, the bus Lyon supporters had nothing to do there, facing those of the Parisians, at the height of the toll. This is a clear error on the part of the authorities. Responsibilities would therefore be shared, which would in no way take away the stupidity of these individuals.. « The office of the Ministry of the Interior therefore (once again) transformed reality in its communication: there was indeed a police escort with the Lyon buses, and it took them away in the wrong place at the wrong time », insists journalist Hugo Guillemet on.

Each side thus passes the buck. « OL still have a huge problem to resolve on trips with drunk/racist/violent guys », continues the journalist who follows Olympique Lyonnais.

Another serious problem concerning OL : serious racist incidents took place on the sidelines of this final. “ They said “we're going to hit black” and they made monkey cries, it lasted the whole way, always the same guys. I, who am not one bit racist, find it annoying to be affiliated with these people. They were drunk in the morning... "Adds L'Equipe, concerning the travel of Lyon supporters to Lille on Saturday.

Not to mention the racist acts filmed during the broadcast of the match at Groupama Stadium, Saturday night. Two individuals in the front row are caught in the act of violence against two young women, one of whom appears veiled. According to witnesses at the scene, the blows followed several inappropriate words. Under the cover of the explosion of joy at the moment of Lyon's goal, a man knowingly rapes a young woman.

And several testimonies also mention racist insults when Ousmane Dembélé (PSG) appeared on the giant screens… A scourge that the club will have to quickly reprimand. Because this has been going on for years. OL promised via a message on to shed light on this matter.

Another witness who experienced the same scene of racism and violence on Saturday evening: