Harry and Meghan fired from the United Kingdom by King Charles III

March 06, 2023 / Interviews

After gradually leaving the royal family, Harry et Meghan little by little lose the rights they enjoyed thanks to royalty. The Dukes of Sussex have often been the center of controversy and made headlines. Recently, their residence at Frogmore Cottage was taken away from them, something that King Charles III and his heir Prince William decided together.

Harry and Meghan deprived of their last royal rights

The royal feuds have been going on since 2020, when Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family, because they did not feel protected, they felt envied, hence their decision.

Since then, the couple has tried living in several parts of the world: New Zealand, Canada, and then they ended up settling in California in the United States. The couple nevertheless continued to be able to live at the Frogmore Cottage residence when they decided to return to spend some time in the United Kingdom, a gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II that she gave them during their wedding.

But unfortunately for the Dukes of Sussex, King Charles III decided to deprive them of this residence following comments made by his son Harry in his book “The Substitute”. Decision that the heir to the crown, Prince William fully supports according to a friend of the monarch.

“Charles does not make these decisions in isolation. He has the support of his son and heir and works in partnership with him. They are a unit and closer than ever.”

It is already well known that princes Harry and William are not as close as one would think, but this time many people are shocked by the decision, especially the two princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

Harry and Meghan initially had only a few weeks to leave the residence, but now they have until the coronation of King Charles III to vacate the premises.

The couple therefore decided to transfer all the supplies to their home in California, supplies which had been purchased by the state at a cost of £2.4 million, an amount which the prince had to pay out of his own pocket to officially own them.

A decision that shocks more than one person

As we have already said, the two princesses were quite struck by the king's decision. A friend of the couple also gave his thoughts on the case.

“I feel like this decision is really terminal. It seems like a punishment. It’s like the royal family wants to kick them off the table once and for all.”

Another problem with this mansion now that Harry and Meghan are leaving it is the question of who will live there now. Prince Andrew seems to be the heir to this house, which is also controversial, knowing the accusations he is the subject of.

The decision that King Charles III made is one that most people find quite astonishing, even though, from his point of view, it is only logical. Now that this problem is resolved, the monarch can concentrate on his coronation ceremony which will take place on May 6, 2023, to which Harry and Meghan are not invited.