Gaza. Hakim Jemili apologizes: “I screwed up! People only like blood…”

28 May 2024 / Interviews

« You wait for the one mistake and you fall on me ". Hakim Jemili on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The actor is currently the victim of a wave of lynching on social networks. In question, his interview given on Europe 1 where asked about the Israel-Palestine conflict, he asks himself “ Since when do you have to choose a side? In everything, eh! Not just in conflicts ».

The 34-year-old comedian nevertheless regularly takes sides for peace, for Palestinian civilians and for the end of the war. But his nuanced opinion on Europe 1, in front of Thomas Isle and the columnists, did not please the diktat of X (ex-Twitter). In the show, he continues: “ We can't have an opinion on everything! Most people don't know anything about a lot of things. It's not serious. You have to be modest and stay humble, damn it! » An unfortunate and misunderstood sentence. Internet users then do not hesitate to publish private conversations with the actor. A few words that remain to the detriment of the rest, the explanations, the nuances.

Afterwards, and after receiving so many negative messages, he makes his mea culpa. He apologizes, he should have had a clearer opinion. So he spoke as he often does, via her Instagram stories : " This is one of the last interviews I did out of the 40 I did in total. I wasn't listening. I was half focused. There was Pascal Praud who passed just after. I didn't necessarily want to interact. I was in my own thoughts »

A lack of concentration which costs him a surge of harsh messages. “ This is the problem with this society today. Everyone thinks they are right about everything and is incapable of listening to other people's arguments. », he judged during the show. That's exactly what's going on with him.

No one can really blame Hakim Jemili for not having already said everything on the Israel-Palestine subject. If there is one artist committed to peace in these countries, it is him. The 20 October 2023, he was already defending the innocent.

« I am one of the only ones to speak out about this conflict from the beginning, whether in public on the networks, in interviews, in my show. You are waiting for the only mistake to lift me up. I explained it to you. I hope you understood. It is clear, clean and precise. Don't get tricked by things that are false »