Fabienne Carat (Plus Belle la Vie): A very sexy new music video! (VIDEO)

04 April 2011 / Interviews

The pretty actress, “Samia” in Plus Belle La Vie has just released a new song, Stop.

Fabienne Carat alias Samia who plays the role of a cop in the soap opera More beautiful life broadcast on France 3, has just released a new song.

After presenting the clip of a lost message, the first extract from his album darkpink, the singer has just revealed that of a second song, Stop.

In this clip,  the sublime brunette renounces a man who makes her unhappy: “Stop, I face my mirror and smile at it, I’m flying away tonight. Stop, I no longer have to please you, you speak like a book, I have something else to do, I want to live.”  In a brilliant setting reminiscent of the Carré Viiip show, Fabienne Carat,  is dressed in a magnificent red dress and has a magnificent cleavage.Entrevue.fr invites you to discover the video