EXCLUDED – Complaint against Barbara Lefebvre after her comments about travelers

15 April 2024 / Radouan Kourak

In the program Les Grandes Gueules broadcast on RMC on April 8, a lively discussion emerged concerning a serious incident that occurred in Vendée: the violent attack on a stretcher bearer, allegedly perpetrated by an individual affiliated with the Traveler community. . During this discussion, Barbara Lefebvre, regular columnist of the show since 2019, shared her point of view on this community in strong terms.

Excerpt from the show Les Grandes Gueules from April 8, 2024 broadcast on RMC:

She expressed the idea that members of the Traveler community appear to live outside the norms of civilized society, and appear to follow their own rules and codes of conduct. Additionally, she raised the issue of animals kept by members of this community, citing concerns about their welfare and the conditions in which they are kept. She highlighted the challenges controllers face when trying to enforce rules governing the treatment of animals.

However, the comments sparked an intense backlash on social media, with many netizens expressing outrage at what they perceive to be unfair generalizations and stigmatization towards the Traveler community. Faced with this controversy, the channel quickly reacted by presenting a public apology for any harm caused by Barbara Lefebvre's comments.

Despite these apologies, the ADCF (Association for the Defense of Family Circus) announced to Entrevue its intention to file a complaint against Barbara Lefebvre for defamation, incitement to hatred and discrimination. “As the Defender of Rights regularly reminds us, the community of travelers, circus people and fairground workers suffers constant discrimination in our country. Freedom of expression, as precious as it is, cannot constitute an alibi for the dissemination of words inciting hatred. From now on, let justice do its work. », Tells us Aurane Reihanian, lawyer for the association.

This case raises important questions about the limits of freedom of expression and the responsibility of the media and their speakers in the dissemination of potentially harmful and discriminatory speech.